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We create 3D models

At St. George's University we use 3D models that are created from scans, using the Artec Space Spider Scanner, or modeled by ourselves using ZBrush or Cinema 4D.


Atlas top view


cranial oblique view

Axis top view

cranial oblique view

Atlas caudal view
Axis caudal view

caudal view

caudal view

Scanning using Artec Spider scanner

Bovine Heart Conductive System 

Project in collaboration with Dr. Marcos Celio de Almeida on the creation of a 3D model of a dissection he carried out at St. George's University, West Indies.

Scanned using Artec Space Spider Scanner with Katie Yost.   

Views of the 3D model created of a heart dissection
cow heart illustration

Check the model on 

Sketchfab logo


This female specimen of an adult dugong was created in ZBrush. You can see an animated version of it on Sketchfab.

bottom view of a 3D  dugong
3D model of a dugong on a meadow

Check the model on 

sketchfab logo

Check the model on 

sketchfab logo

Jerusalem Cricket

Specimen of a Jerusalem cricket Stenopelmatus sp. created in ZBrush following Brandon Holt's workshop "Sculpting an insect" 2020. 

3D model of a jerusalem cricket
  1. Area dissected by Dr. Marcos

  2. Bundle of His

  3. Left bundle

  4. Right bundle

  5. Aortic semilunar valve

  6. Interventricular septum

  7. Os cordis

3D model of a jerusalem cricket, oblique view
3D model of a jerusalem cricket, side view
3D model of a jerusalem cricket, bottom view
Center for Biomedical Visualization

work created as a member of the team

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