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Mona mokey sketch of the illustration


Cercopithecus mona are the only monkey species found in the island of Grenada, in the Caribbean. They were originally brought from western Africa back in the 18th Century.
They are generally forest species living in groups, foraging for fruit, flowers, seeds and ins
ects and other invertebrates.

group of mona monkeys in their habitat. Eating a banana on top of a tree branch

Medium: Pencil color illustration on cardboard and digital edits

Original Size: 84 x 60cm (33 x 23.6In)

The illustration was selected at the 8th edition of the Illustraciencia contest with a special mention on the nature illustration category.

It was exhibited at the National Museum of Natural Sciences (MNCN-CSIC), Madrid, 2021.

Published on the ‘Manual de ilustración Científica’ geoPlaneta, 2022.

Mona monkey species information

You can see more of the creative process here

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